Favorite Photos Taken After 2019 and Before 2021

Despite being one of the worst years for getting out and taking photos, I did manage to get quite a few last year that I absolutely loved!

We started the New Year in Florida. While there we visited the Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge on a couple occasions. It is a phenomenal place for bird viewing, although we could only see it’s namesake bird from too far away to photograph.

Great blue heron in mangrove
Great Blue Heron in the mangroves at Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge | Purchase Print
Juvenile yellow-crowned night heron
Juvenile yellow-crowned night heron. This guy wasn’t shy in the slightest. It stood at the side of our path and just watched as we walked by. | Purchase Print
White egret
White egret | Purchase Print
Lesser yellowlegs and reflection
Lesser yellowlegs | Purchase Print
SpaceX launch from Cape Canaveral
Launch of the Falcon 9 from Kennedy Space Center viewed over the Indian River | Purchase Print

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After some lengthy layovers on our way back to Alaska, I finally witnessed the aurora from the air on the flight from Seattle to Fairbanks!

Aurora borealis from an Alaska Airlines flight to Fairbanks.
Aurora from 32,000 feetTaken on our flight home to Fairbanks
Watching the sun set at 3:30 pm | Purchase Print

Arriving back in Fairbanks in early January, we were literally back in the freezer. The temperatures fell into the -20’s and -30’s F for a large chunk of January and stayed cold until mid-March (it hit -33°F on March 11 before it gradually warmed up). Even though it was cold, we didn’t see many days in the -40’s like we used to, but it was certainly steady.

Richie Beattie and team at the start of the Yukon Quest

The Yukon Quest started in Fairbanks on February 1. It was awesome to see so many people come out to cheer on the mushers and the dogs, even though it was -30°F!

You can read about and find more photos about the Yukon Quest here.

Sundogs and sun pillar | Purchase Print

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We didn’t visit Ice Alaska’s World Ice Art Championship this year, but we did visit Ice Art Park to see the single block ice sculptures and beautiful lights. And Cat had a lot of fun playing on the slides.

Whale sculpture at Ice Art Park
Ice slides at Ice Art Park
white snowshoe hare
Snowshoe hare hiding in the bushes | Purchase Print
Just snow | Purchase Print
Beautiful patterns in the snow and more daylight in March | Purchase Print
Another snowshoe hare chewing on a willow stick – My last photo of winter | Purchase Print

We did manage to get some hiking in this year, but not as much as normal. Our first trip out in spring was just a short mile-long hike to the Castner Glacier to visit the cave at the terminus. Not long after, I came down with a mysterious respiratory illness that put me in bed for about two weeks. After that, my recovery was slow. I never felt right all summer or fall and was having weird heart palpitations and difficulty catching my breath. Although, now, after almost 10 months, I’m starting to feel significantly better!

Hoarfrost and columnar ice on the ceiling of a glacier cave under the Castner Glacier. | Purchase Print
Large ice crystals on the ceiling | Purchase Print
Castner Ice | Purchase Print
Entrance | Purchase Print
Columnar ice crystals on the ceiling of the Castner Glacier cave | Purchase Print

Check out more photos from the Castner Glacier and from the glacier cave.

Ahhh, spring. March 25
A great horned owl visited us in our yard | Purchase Print

I was on my feet again shortly after the migratory birds returned to Fairbanks. In early May we went down to Creamer’s Field and the Wedgwood Wildlife Sanctuary to watch the cranes, swans, and other waterfowl.

Trumpeter swan | Purchase Print
Lesser yellow legs – cool that we had seen them in Florida 5 months earlier
A cow moose munching on willows | Purchase Print
In 2019, a large wildfire burnt a huge portion of forest on Murphy Dome
Gnarly – Spruce remnants of the Shovel Creek Fire
Flyover – F-16 and F-35 flyover salute to frontline healthcare workers during the COVID crisis
A snowshoe hare in it’s summer garb
Our first real hike of the season in the Teklanika foothills – Denali National Park
Beautiful country near the Teklanika River
Double Mountain viewed from Peak 3992 in Denali National Park | Purchase Print
The Teklanika Foothills over a Kettle Pond | Purchase Print
Caribou in Denali National Park | Purchase Print
Trail at the Wedgewood Wildlife Sanctuary | Purchase Print
Wander Lake in Fairbanks | Purchase Print
A wood frog climbing up a stone covered in quartz crystals | Purchase Print
Seasonal Wetlands Reflection – Creamer’s Field | Purchase Print
Horned grebe – Creamer’s Field | Purchase Print
Twin Bears Trail – Rickety Boardwalk| Purchase Print
The first set of tors at Mt. Prindle | Purchase Print
The Windchimes at Mt. Prindle
Small set of tors on the way up to McManus Mountain | Purchase Print
Looking down on the dirt Steese Highway near McManus Mountain | Purchase Print
Lunch on McManus Mountain
View from the summit of McManus Mountain | Purchase Print
Rocky trail leading to Mt. Healy from the Healy Overlook Trail
Horseshoe Lake in Denali National Park | Purchase Print
Beaver feet in the clear waters of Horseshoe Lake | Purchase Print
View from Meadow View trail in Denali | Purchase Print
Gorgeous sky over Mt. Vista area of Denali | Purchase Print
Porcupine hiding in a tree – Denali National Park | Purchase Print
Arctic ground squirrel eating alpine sweetvetch | Purchase Print
Hiking Mt. Healy via Bison Gulch
Hoary marmot on Mt. Healy | Purchase Print
Smith Lake before the storms roll in | Purchase Print
Summer at Angel Rocks | Purchase Print
Chena River Valley vista from the Angel Rocks to Chena Hot Springs Trail | Purchase Print
Evening light on the Angel Rocks Trail
Evening reflections on a pond in the Chena River State Recreation Area | Purchase Print
View from Table Top Mountain in the White Mountains | Purchase Print
Sandhill Cranes in Fairbanks as they get ready for their flight south | Purchase Print
The Gabriel Icefall on the Gulkana Glacier | Purchase Print
moulin on the gulkana glacier
A large moulin on the Gulkana Glacier | Purchase Print
watefall into a glacier
Waterfall into the Gulkana Glacier. The red snow is from an algae (Chlamydomonas nivalis), frequently called watermelon snow | Purchase Print
creek in the mountains
Nome Creek near Mt. Prindle | Purchase Print
moose in the woods
Autumn Moose | Purchase Print
Aurora borealis over forest
Return of the Northern Lights | Purchase Print

That’s it! The year 2020 is over! In an effort to start taking more photos again, I’m taking a minimum of one a day in 2021.


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