Glacier Cave Entrance

Glacier Cave Entrance

The entrance to a glacier cave at the terminus of the Castner Glacier in the eastern Alaska Range. The ceiling of the cave is covered in fine hoarfrost, with crystals that increased in size further back in the cave.

This is a fairly accessible cave, less than a one-mile approach from the Richardson Highway. But, these formations need to be treated with respect and entered cautiously. Especially now in the melt season, there is talus and numerous rock frequently falling off the top of the entrance, fast-moving water with the potential for outburst floods, and potential collapses of the ceiling itself.

CameraNikon NIKON D7100 (Current model NIKON D7500)
LensSigma 17-50mm F2.8 EX DC OS HSM for Nikon (For Canon cameras) (Lens Review)
Focal Length17.0 mm (25.0 mm in 35mm)
Exposure Time0.008s (1/125)

More info on glacier caves and ice crystals:


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