The view from the ridge just south of Wickersham Dome. Rain can be seen falling in the valley over the winding Elliott Highway far below while the hillside is showing signs of green-up. Bright sunlight filters in through the dark clouds, illuminating some of the surrounding landscape.
Posted by Lee Petersen | May 19, 2024
Some photos from home and from Wickersham Dome

Yesterday was a fantastic day of hiking and photography in Alaska. I updated a wildflower guide, captured a black-capped chickadee collecting nest material, and hiked Wickersham Dome, unexpectedly meeting an...

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Small Things, Spring Things, and Broken Things
Posted by Lee Petersen | May 17, 2024
Small Things, Spring Things, and Broken Things

Appreciating small things through macro photography with lots of images from spring in Fairbanks, Alaska, and some comparison from DSLR and smartphone photos.

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Posted by Lee Petersen | May 16, 2024
Spring Bouldering and Other Climbing Stuff

I climb a thing while my spotters laugh at me, and Cat takes a picture Last weekend, I enjoyed some quality time climbing and bouldering with friends at Tr'at'egheth No'...

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Posted by Lee Petersen | May 15, 2024
Website and Newsletter Updates

I have some exciting news to share regarding my newsletter and paid content. After careful consideration, I’ve decided to transition away from platforms like Substack, Ko-fi, and Patreon. Here’s what...

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The single flowering head of antennaria monocephala, commonly known as "pygmy pussytoes."
Posted by Lee Petersen | May 10, 2024
Antennaria monocephala
pygmy pussytoes

Antennaria monocephala, known as pygmy pussytoes, is a small perennial notable for its solitary, radially symmetric, white flower heads. It thrives in northern North America and eastern Siberia.

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Close-up of the tiny flowers of Hornemann's willowerb, latin name Epilobium hornemannii
Posted by Lee Petersen | May 8, 2024
Epilobium hornemannii
Hornemann’s willowherb

Epilobium hornemannii, known as Hornemann's willowherb, is a perennial herb from the Onagraceae family, found in North America and parts of Eurasia. It produces pink or sometimes white flowers and...

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The inflorescence and leaves in whorls of 4 of Galium boreale, or northern bedstraw.
Posted by Lee Petersen | May 5, 2024
Galium boreale
Northern bedstraw

Alaska Wildflowers | White Common Names gaillet boréalboreal bedstrawnorthern bedstraw Synonyms Galium boreale var. borealeGalium boreale var. hyssopifioliumGalium boreale var. intermediumGalium boreale var. linearifoliumGalium boreale var. scabrumGalium septentrionaleGalium strictum Subspecies...

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Willow Macros – Getting Closer
Posted by Lee Petersen | April 26, 2024
Willow Macros – Getting Closer

A male willow catkins with red anthers on white filaments, starting to open to reveal pollen | Prints and Wall Art Last May, I devoted considerable time to photographing the...

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Open blossom of Spergularia rubra, commonly known as purple sandspurry
Posted by Lee Petersen | April 14, 2024
Spergularia rubra
purple sandspurry

Alaska Wildflowers | White Introduced species in North America Common Names spergulaire rougered sand-spurreyred sandspurrypurple sand-spurreypurple sandspurryruby sand-spurrey Synonyms Arenaria rubraSpergularia rubra var. perennansTissa rubra Subspecies none Genus: SpergulariaFamily: CaryophyllaceaeOrder:...

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A terminal cluster of blossoms of Silene repens, commonly known as pink campion.
Posted by Lee Petersen | April 13, 2024
Silene repens
Pink campion

Silene repens, known as pink campion, is a perennial forb/herb with creeping stems and erect flowering shoots. It features linear leaves and a cyme of bisexual flowers, typically white but...

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