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Fear - Juvenile bald eagle and seagull View My Wildlife Gallery A juvenile bald eagle causes a commotion among the seagulls at the Solomon Gulch Hatchery in Valdez, Alaska. Eagles are plentiful on the Alaska coastlines and one of my...

Parhelia, or sun dogs in the sky over a snowy forest in Fairbanks, Alaska

Parhelia - Fairbanks, Alaska Buy This Print There was strong parhelia and sun pillar while driving home from the Yukon Quest start yesterday. This photo was taken at 1:40 pm, very close to solar noon. So that's about as high in the...

Michelle Phillips dog team starting the 2020 Yukon Quest in Fairbanks, Alaska
Yukon Quest 2020

This morning 15 dog mushers began their 1000-mile journey on the 2020 Yukon Quest. We watched them all off on their way to Whitehorse, Yukon Territory just as they left the start gate. It typically takes about a week-and-a-half to...

Aurora borealis over the Granite Tors trail in Alaska
Aurora Going Strong

Aurora Going Strong - Granite Tors, Alaska Buy This Print Aurora borealis from the Granite Tors trail in the Chena River State Recreation Area near Fairbanks. This was one of the longest-lasting bright displays I have ever seen. What started...

blue lakes on the Black Rapids Glacier
Water-Filled Potholes

Water-Filled Potholes - Black Rapids Glacier Buy This Print Cauldron-like depressions called potholes are scattered around the upper reaches of the Black Rapids Glacier. They often fill with water over the summer, eventually draining on the surface or subglacially. They...

The entrance of the Museum of the North at the University of Alaska Fairbanks
Museum of the North

Photos and review of the Museum of the North in Fairbanks Alaska. A great place to visit and spend time learning the history and natural wonders of Alaska.

Grizzly bear eating soapberries along the Park Road in Denali National Park

Grizzly bear eating soapberries along the Park Road in Denali National Park Buy this Print One of the biggest draws of Denali National Park is definitely the possibility of seeing wildlife. With only one 90-mile road in a park the...

Icefall over the Castner Glacier
O’Brien Icefall

Looking over the rock-covered surface of the Castner Glacier in the Eastern Alaska Range. This was easily one of the warmest days I ever spent on the ice.

Sunset over Miller Creek from the Canwell Glacier in the Alaska Range
Sunset over Miller Creek

Sunset over Miller Creek Buy This Print Sunset from on top of the terminus of the Canwell Glacier. We spent the day hiking to the snowline, about 3 miles up-glacier from the toe. There were still about three miles left...

Aurora borealis and moon over a forest near Fairbanks Alaska
Bright Moon and Aurora Borealis

Bright Moon and Aurora Borealis Buy This Print The downside about a bright moon is that it can often drown out the northern lights. But not always. Sometimes the aurora borealis is so bright it seems to overwhelm the moonlight....

Orange sunrise over a silhouette of a boreal forest
Orange Sunrise

Orange Sunrise Buy This Print Near the horizon the oranges were dominant. You can see a bit of that cool arctic blue/green in the sky. Winter light is absolutely gorgeous here and it's good that it is because we get...

A musher sets out for a cold evening run on the Tanana River. All I can see against the setting Sun is the silhouettes of the musher with his dogs and the trees in the distance. The fog around the dogs is actually from their breath - the air was 40 below.
Cold River

Cold River Buy This Print A musher sets out for a cold evening run on the Tanana River. All I can see against the setting Sun is the silhouettes of the musher with his dogs and the trees in the...

Sunrise light behind spruce trees in Alaska
Winter Sunrise

Winter Sunrise - Fairbanks, Alaska Buy This Print I took this photo at 12:30 in the afternoon one beautiful December morning. Around the winter solstice, we don't see the Sun from Fairbanks. It stays just below the base of the...

Trinity Basin Panorama

Trinity Basin Panorama Buy This Print Another beautiful day in the Alaska Range. Peaks in the Trinity Basin, the main accumulation area for the Black Rapids Glacier. Located at the head of the Susitna and Black Rapids Glaciers in the...

Wind blown mountains in the Alaska Range

Windblown mountains in the Alaska Range Buy This Print Taken during an April trip to the Black Rapids Glacier in 2013. We were maintaining a camera that overlooks a marginal lake on the glacier to monitor it for fast draining...

Golden light hits the top of the trees near Ruby Creek in the Alaska Range
2019 Photo Highlights

Forty of my favorite photos from 2019. Landscapes and wildlife from glaciers in the Alaska Range and Chugach Mountains, Denali National Park, and more!

Juvenile yellow-crowned night heron at Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge
Birds (and more) at Pelican Island

The Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge is roughly 5400 acres of protected water and land. Located near Sebastian, Florida, the refuge is a beautiful conservation site in an otherwise sprawling urban area. This oasis of forest and mangroves on the...

First  30 seconds of the Falcon 9 after lift-off
SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch

SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Photos from the night launch viewed over the Indian River.

Biking the Park Road
Biking the Park Road

Three day bike tour in Denali National Park before the tourist season opens. Dall sheep, grizzly bears, and ptarmigan were spotted among other animals along with some beautiful vistas.

Hiker descending the Savage Alpine Trail to the Savage River in Denali National Park in winter.
Winter Hiking in Denali National Park

Information on winter hiking in Denali National Park with weather forecasts and links to trail maps and details.

Little islands of moss covered forest floor appear in the snow. Spring in Fairbanks, Alaska.
Photo of the Week – “Spring is Here”

We are entering the grossest season of the year here in Fairbanks. The snow is melting and what is left is no longer pristine and white. It's rather dirty and often filled with garbage, especially beside the road. Getting outside...

Night Sky over the Chena River along the Angel Rocks Trail.
Photo of the Week – “Night Sky over the Chena”

On March 20th there was a coronal mass ejection resulting from a solar flare. It was thought that it was partially earth-directed and that it may result in a G2 geomagnetic storm, which for us typically means a good night...

Cat tries to tie her hat at Granite Tors
Photo of the Week – “Tors in Winter”

"Tors in Winter" Photo of the week ending March 17, 2019 This week's photo of the week is of Cat trying to tie her hat on tight with mittens on at Granite Tors. After having a relatively calm and warm...

A stand of spruce trees on Murphy Dome at sunset.
Spruce Over the Years

I think 2012 was the first year I photographed this little stand of spruce trees on Murphy Dome. I have kept returning to this spot over the years that I've lived in Fairbanks. The photo above was taken on March...

Looking at Double Mountain over the frozen Savage River in Denali National Park.
Photo of the Week – “Icy Savage River”

“Icy Savage River” — Photo of the week ending March 10, 2019 | Purchase Print Looking at Double Mountain over the icy Savage River in Denali National Park & Preserve. Taken on March 8th, 2019. The snow-wall was held up...

Glacier Calving. Splashback from a chunk of the Columbia Glacier breaking off into Columbia Bay.
Columbia Glacier Calving

Tidewater glacier calving is an extremely powerful event that everyone should get a chance to witness. If you haven't ever seen this, it's time to hop on a plane to Alaska, Greenland, Iceland, or Antarctica and find a way to...

Watching the first sunrise of 2018 from Ester Dome. Fairbanks, Alaska.
Welcome 2018

I'm not big on New Year's resolutions, but I'm still resolving to write more and take more photos in 2018. I've been occupied with work the last couple years and it's led to a lag in exploring, photographing, and writing....

Aurora at Angel Rocks
Yikes . . . Has it really been this long?! Spring in Alaska

It sure doesn't feel like it, but it's been over a year since I've published a blog-post. I've still been writing, editing, and updating, but not publishing new things. I've still been out taking photos in Alaska, just not as...

Aurora Borealis – October 6, 2015 – Planetary Alignment!

I woke up early to photograph a cool planetary alignment of Venus, Mars, and Jupiter with a quarter moon. I lucked out because the aurora was still going strong at 4:30 am! We were also fortunate enough to have clear...

Hike up Nome Creek

Ridges and tors over red and yellow valleys to the east of Nome Creek I took a little 12 mile ridge hike at Nome Creek in the White Mountains in early September of 2015. I love the drive to this...

Aurora Borealis – September 11, 2015
Aurora Borealis – September 11, 2015

The first impressive aurora borealis display I witnessed this season was shortly after midnight on September 11. It broke up fairly quickly, becoming diffuse, but it was brilliant for about 10 minutes. There were some great crimson colors on the...

View from Polychrome Overlook. Denali National Park
Summer – Denali National Park

I don't get to Denali National Park as often as I should, especially since I live only 2 hours away. Friend or family visits are an awesome excuse to hit the park, since it is, or should be on everyone's...

Castner Glacier in the Alaska Range
Castner Glacier for the 4th of July

I spent the 4th of July weekend hiking in solitude on the Castner Glacier in the Alaska Range. Looking up Castner Creek in the Delta Range I walked up the south side of Castner Creek to the Glacier toe. Gaining...

Rainbow Mountain - Alaska Range
Day at Rainbow Ridge

I can definitely say now that Rainbow Ridge is as steep as it looks from the road below. I drove down on Saturday, June 6 with the hope of hiking to the top of Rainbow Mountain. But, there had been...

Two nights on the Tors trail
Two nights on the Tors trail

Ghostly aurora from the Granite Tors Trail | Purchase Print I'm awakened in the night by a shiver. I have somehow found my way deep in my sleeping bag, sticking my nose toward the tiny cinched opening above me for...

Photo of the Week – “Northern Lights Spiral”
Photo of the Week – “Northern Lights Spiral”

 Northern Lights Spiral" -- Photo of the week ending February 7, 2015 The northern lights in a spiral, from the display on February 1st, 2015. You can read about and see more photos from that night there if you like....