Small blacktip ragwort – Senecio lugens

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Small blacktip ragwort grows 5-60 cm (2-24 inches) tall with long basal leaves and yellow, ray-like or daisy-like flowers. It grows in a variety of habitats in Alaska.

Small blacktip ragwort

Senecio lugens

Alt. Names:
Senecio integerrimus var. lugens
Blacktip ragwort
Black-tipped groundsel

Genus: Senecio L. (ragwort)
Family: Asteraceae (Aster family)
Order: Asterales

Duration: Perennial

Uses: none, entire plant is highly toxic

Identification – Blacktip Ragwort

Small blacktip ragwort grows 5-60 cm (2-24 inches) tall with long basal leaves and yellow flowers. The flower is ray or daisy-like with a variable number of petals. Stems can be single or in a small cluster and often has a branched inflorescence with the flower cluster often being the same height. The phyllary or bract is black-tipped for which the flower is named. Leaves are petiolate, rounded or elliptic, and slightly toothed. Any leaves higher on the stem are much smaller than the basal leaves. Blacktip ragwort has a thick rhizome and coarse, spreading root with many branches.

Distribution and Habitat

Senecio lugens is native to Alaska, western Canada, Washington, Montana, and Wyoming. It lives in a variety of habitats including meadows, alpine, streambeds, or in open woods.


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