Northern Kittentails – Synthyris borealis

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Northern Kittentails – Synthyris borealis

Northern Kittentails

Synthyris borealis (Pennell)
Alaska kittentails
Alaska Synthyris

Genus: Synthyris
Family: Plantaginaceae
Order: Lamiales

Duration: Perennial
Native Status: Alaska and northern Canada
Edible: No – toxic (no direct sources, but many species of Synthyris are toxic)


Northern Kittentails is a small, purple flower about 2-3 cm in diameter. They mostly grow individually in rocky, alpine areas, or in clusters of 2-3 plants. The flowers are spike-like with stamens projecting from the flowers, tightly packed, and open up slightly later in the season, growing to about 5-10 cm in height. The leaves are small, round, and grow only at the base of the plant. They are often slightly wooly early in the season.

They are primarily found in Alaska and the Yukon.


Northern Kittentails Photos



Synthyris borealis (Pennell), ITIS Report
Synthyris borealis: NorthernKitten-tails, Central Yukon Species Inventory Project

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