Narcissus-flowered Anemone – Anemone narcissiflora

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Narcissus-flowered anemone

Anemone narcissiflora
Anemone narcissiflora var. villosissima DC.

Genus: Anemone
Family: Ranunculaceae (buttercups)
Order: Ranunculales

Duration: Perennial
Uses: Leaves and root somewhat edible, but may contain protoanemonin, which can cause severe gastrointestinal irritation.

Identification and Habitat

The Narcissus-flowered anemone typically has 4-10 petal-like white sepals and somewhat hairy, basal leaves. It grows up to 60 cm (23 inches) tall on a long single stem, typically in clusters. The plant has 3-10 ternate (divided into three leaflets), narrow, hairy leaves originating at the stem. The sepals have a slight blue underside.

This flower is a highly variable species, native to Alaska, northern Canada, Colorado, and Wyoming. It grows in grassy, alpine areas with well-draining soil.

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Alaska Wildflowers | White

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