Little weaselsnout – Lagotis glauca

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Little weaselsnout flower in Alaska

Little Weaselsnout

Lagotis glauca ssp. lanceolata

Common Names

Little weaselsnout
Little weasel snout
Narrow-leaved weaselsnout
Weasel snout


Lagotis glauca ssp. minor (Willd.) Hultén
Lagotis minor (Willd.) Standl.
Lagotis stelleri (Cham. & Schltdl.) Raup
Lagotis glauca var. stelleri (Cham. & Schltdl.) Trautv.

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All Subspecies of Lagotis glauca

Lagotis glauca ssp. glauca
Lagotis glauca ssp. lanceolata

Genus: Lagotis
Family: Plantaginaceae
Order: Lamiales
Full Classification

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Duration – Growth Habit

Perennial – Forb/herb


For information only (typically historical) – I take no responsibility for adverse effects from the use of any plant.

I found no documented uses for little weaselsnout (Lagotis glauca ssp. lanceolata). In general, there is very little information about this plant.

Identification and Information

Little weaselsnout is a purple-flowering perennial herb that grows from a rhizome. It may have one or multiple stems that are 12-30 cm (5-12 inches) tall. The basal leaves are narrowly oblanceolate, 2-17 cm (1-7 inches) long, and often slightly serrate. The leaves higher on the stem are sessile, lanceolate, and decrease in size toward the inflorescence. The inflorescence is a terminal spike with purple or dark purple flowers with upper and lower lips. The styles are longer than the anthers, emerging from the flower tube. The shorter anthers are joined to the upper lip of the flower.

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Distribution and Habitat

Lagotis glauca ssp. lanceolata has only North American distribution in Alaska, the Yukon, and Northwest Territories. It lives in meadows, near tundra pools, or on tussocky tundra and prefers wet soils.

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RankScientific Name (Common Name)
KingdomPlantae  (plantes, Planta, Vegetal, plants)
   SubkingdomViridiplantae  (green plants)
      InfrakingdomStreptophyta  (land plants)
            DivisionTracheophyta  (vascular plants, tracheophytes)
               SubdivisionSpermatophytina  (spermatophytes, seed plants, phanérogames)
                           FamilyPlantaginaceae  (plantains)
                              GenusLagotis Gaertn.
                                 SpeciesLagotis glauca Gaertn. (weaselsnout)
                                    SubspeciesLagotis glauca ssp. lanceolata (Hultén) D.F. Murray & Elven (little weaselsnout)

References and Further Reading

Classification and Taxonomy

Lagotis glauca ssp. lanceolata (Hultén) D.F. Murray & Elven: Taxonomic Serial No.: 834213, ITIS Database

Lagotis minor (Willd.) Standl.: little weaselsnout, USDA Database

Map and Distribution

Lagotis glauca subsp. lanceolata (Hultén) D.F.Murray & Elven, GBIF

Description and Information

Lagotis glauca subsp. lanceolata, (Hultén) D. F. Murray & Elven, J. Bot. Res. Inst. Texas 4: 220. 2010., Flora of North America

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