Selfie portrait of Lee Petersen on a snowy August day in Denali National Park

My name is Lee Petersen. I am a photographer, writer, climber and climbing coach, outdoorsman, enthusiastic amateur cook, and scientist. Here is my full résumé with more information than you want to know about me. Below are some of the facets of this website.

I’ve always loved photography. In 2011 I finally made the jump from film to my first DSLR. After posting many of my photos on Flickr, I began to get messages and e-mails asking for permission to use my photos to make prints and canvases or to use commercially. A few of my photos have been featured on NPR’s The Picture Show, The Matador Network, as an Earth Science Picture of the Day [2], in the Valdez Museum & Historical Archive, and in the Journal of Arts & Communities.

This website is dedicated mainly to my professional interests in photography and writing, although other things occasionally spill in. It contains a guide of things to do in Fairbanks and Alaska as well as instructions on my techniques in photography. It started as a personal blog, and those archives also remain here.