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Alaska Guide

Hiking and travel guide to Alaska. Mostly in the Fairbanks and interior region of Alaska, but always expanding to new areas!


Stories of adventures and living in Alaska. Science related to atmospheric optics and aurora. Photography, cooking, gear reviews, whatever I feel like.

Alaska Wildflowers

Alaska wildflower guide with many photos and galleries of photos with identifying information, nomenclature and taxonomy, uses, and links to more references.


Tutorials on general and aurora photography. How to shoot the northern lights, how to edit photos in post-processing with a focus on FOSS software programs.


My Photography Page – Featuring wildlife, aurora borealis, landscapes, glaciers, and locations around Alaska and the US.

My Gear

Reviews of camera and outdoor gear I use in the field as well as information on brands I’ve come to know and trust.


Articles on science-related topics, especially pertaining to Alaska. Things like how the aurora works and various atmospheric optics phenomena.

Aurora Borealis Info

Articles on the northern lights, photographing the northern lights, editing aurora photos, and my aurora viewing blog

Latest Posts

Aurora Borealis – January 14, 2023
01 15 2023
Aurora Borealis – January 14, 2023

One of the 250 photos I took of the aurora borealis on the night of January 14, 2023 On the evening of January 14, 2023, between 9:30 and 10:15 pm Alaska time, the aurora borealis...

2022 Photo Highlights
01 13 2023
2022 Photo Highlights

My 2022 photo highlights from Alaska - wildlife, aurora borealis, snowflakes, wild landscapes, and more!

Breaking The Block – When inspiration isn’t there
01 12 2023
Breaking The Block – Things to do when inspiration isn’t there

Everyone involved in creative arts has suffered from "writer's block." These are some methods for breaking the block, including some that have worked for me.

Leaning Trees
12 14 2022
Leaning Trees

Leaning trees in Fairbanks, Alaska I've come across a lot of drunken forests in Alaska, but something different is happening this winter. For those that don't know, drunken forests refer to areas of collapsed or...

Aurora Borealis – November 28-29, 2022
11 29 2022
Aurora Borealis – November 28-29, 2022

Aurora Borealis - November 28-29, 2022 from Fairbanks, Alaska. Photos, stories, and potential up-coming northern lights on my aurora blog.

08 27 2022
2023 Aurora Borealis Wall Calendar

2023 Aurora Borealis Wall Calendar with photos by Lee Petersen. The calendar is 8.5"x11" and spiral bound for sale on lulu.com.

Stream on the Canwell Glacier
07 07 2022
Spring and Summer Updates 2022

Some spring and summer updates for 2022. Hiking photos and video from Granite Tors, the Canwell Glacier, McManus Mountain and more.

06 19 2022
Alaska Photocache

The Alaska Photocache is meant to be a fun, photo-sharing page about exploring Alaska in a responsible way. It's kind of like geocaching, but with photos instead. The idea is simple: 1. I post a...

06 12 2022
2023 Wall Calendar

My 2023 Wall Calendar is ready for order. Photos of wildlife, aurora borealis, landscape, and glaciers. All photos were taken by Fairbanks local photographer Lee Petersen.

Snowy Spring Hikes and More
05 29 2022
Snowy Spring Hikes and More

Photos and stories from some snowy spring hikes, bouldering, and birding around Fairbanks, Alaska. Backpacking at Granite Tors, hiking Angel Rocks, climbing at the Tatlanika Boulders and more.

05 18 2022
Hello World – Vlog Edition

That's right! I'm joining every other man, woman, child, and their mothers in starting a video blog. My plan is for it to mostly be about photography, hiking, backpacking, outdoor adventuring with camera gear

Fata Morgana – Superior Mirage
05 15 2022
Fata Morgana – Superior Mirage

A fata morgana or superior mirage is a mirage that appears on the horizon and is typically associated with ships at sea or distant mountains.

Parhelion – Sun Dog
04 29 2022
Parhelion – Sun Dog

A parhelion or sun dog is a bright patch of light occurring on or near the 22° halo on the right and/or left of the Sun caused by the refraction of the sunlight by plate-like...

Spring Things
04 13 2022
Spring Things

It's been a while since I've written a plain old blog post. I'm primarily working on my Alaska Wildflower Guide, so there's lots of new stuff there. Not much else. I've been pretty dull. Seriously...

2022 Photo Highlights
02 15 2022
Getting Started With Snowflake Macro Photography

My somewhat frustrating process of snowflake macro photography. Difficult but gorgeous snowflake photos from Fairbanks, Alaska.

2021 Photo Highlights
01 30 2022
2021 Photo Highlights

A small collection of my 2021 photo highlights from Alaska. Lot's of wildlife, glaciers and glacier caves, and gorgeous landscapes!

11 21 2021
Sony Alpha a7 III Review

My review of the Sony Alpha a7 III mirrorless, full-frame camera body. My primary use is as a walk-around camera for hiking and backpacking.

Early November Light
11 11 2021
Early November Light

I'm always amazed at how fast the seasons change here in Fairbanks. Not just the weather but the daylight. It didn't even get fully dark at night three months ago. Today, there are only 6...